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Fund Your Assistive Technology *

Need help purchasing assistive technology (AT)? State, federal, and private sources are all here. Whether the AT is for you, a family member or a client, these pages can help you identify "best bets" for obtaining assistance. Below is advice to keep in mind as you begin your search.

Is the AT medically necessary?

If your answer is yes--or if you are unsure--start with Medically Necessary AT. Health insurance programs are the first sources to go to for purchasing medically necessary AT (known as "DME") and these pages will help you get results from your public and/or private insurance (including how to obtain "prior approval" and how to appeal denials). Other funding sources generally won't help until the applicant's public and/or private health insurance has denied the request.

Is the AT for home, work, or school?

If your AT is not medically necessary (and is not for telecommunications), choose Funding by Purpose. Sources for AT for use at home, work, or school are organized by the user's age and disability type(s).

Need AT for telecommunications?

Choose telecommunications for information on where to access free and low-cost telecommunications and computer equipment as well as free relay services.

Frustrated with waiting lists and denials?

Visit our Advocacy section to learn about organizations that can assist you. Download helpful guides like Rules of Thumb: advice for self-advocacy (PDF) and the AT Advocacy Checklist (PDF).

Need help financing AT?

Visit Loan Information to learn about programs specifically designed to help you afford purchasing the AT you need.

*Please note that information provided herein has no effect of law or regulation, and in no way constitutes an official notification of benefits.